Tax rate

Taxation of corporate income tax rate is 20 %.
– Enterprises with a total turnover of not exceeding 20 billion shall be applied tax rate of 20 %.
– Revenue as a basis determined eligible for corporate tax rate is 20 % in this paragraph is the revenue of the preceding year

Personal income tax

50% reduction of payable tax.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Exemption of VAT on goods which include imported raw marterials for producing, processing of exported goods according to the processing contracts signed with foreign Partners

Import machine and equipment

(Only applied for high-tech enterprises, investment incentive fields). According to Decree No. 87/2010/NĐ-CP.
(1) – Import tax exemption for goods to create fixed assets
(2) – Export exemption for raw material, imported materials to produce exported goods
(3) – Export exemption for raw material, to manufacture on the list of special incentive investment project in 5 years commencing from manufacturing start.
If Enterprises invest in the list of special incentive investment project or invest in spare parts manufacture, or mechanic, electronic